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PDF with instructions on how to  build your own binders for you  clients

Product Description:

The binder is meant to offer clients the opportunity to organize all of their financial documents, not just the accounts they have with the planner.  This way every time they make a financial decision they are reminded of the work the planner has done.  The tabs of the binder separate out each category.  We start with an Asset Summary tab.  This holds the one page summary we have created of all the clients assets from banking to IRAs, to life insurance and real estate.  Clients value the organization, and can measure their progress through the total net worth number.  We offer to update this each time there is an annual review, and sometimes entirely new accounts will be found because the client will want them on the summary.  Also included in this tab is other summarized information like a listing of any beneficiaries they have named on their accounts with us, details of long term care policies, family information, and their accounting and estate planning advisors.  Once all of this is in one place it’s much more efficient for the clients, or their executor one day, to interact with you and the accounts.  

About Mike:

Michael Steranka is one of the top Annuity Producers each year since 2000. He has produced over $450M in personal annuity production and has averaged over $35M in annual annuity production each year since 2006. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and currently helps advise some of the world's fastest growing financial enterprises.

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